Support us

St Andrew’s Kettering Money Advice Centre’s services are offered completely free of charge to those who need them. We will never charge for our services, and we won’t hint that our clients should leave donations when they are able to…

St Andrew’s Church, Kettering, provides this debt counselling centre because we have seen the pain caused by the stresses of debt to people in our community, and the damage that Payday Loans, and other short-term fixes, can do in the long-run.

Whilst the Centre is free to our clients to use, it isn’t free for us as a church to run. Based on other similar-sized centres around the country, we estimate that it will cost us over £5,000 per year to operate the centre. And that is with all the team being volunteers from the church who give their time free of charge, and with the centre being housed in the Church Rooms rent-free. But we do have to pay for phone calls, insurance, affiliation and training fees, envelopes and stamps…

If you are a client who is currently using our services, we don’t want you to give us anything. Focus on paying off your debts, following the plan we have agreed between you and your creditors.

If you are a family member or friend of one of our clients and would like to support our centre, or if you are a member of the local community who sees the value of what we do and want to give towards our work, there are several ways you can do that:

1. Send a cheque payable to “PCC of St Andrew Kettering” marked “St Andrew’s Kettering Money Advice Centre” on the back to P O BOX 7679 Kettering NN16 6LL or put it through the letterbox of St Andrew’s Vicarage.

2. Put a cash donation or cheque payable to “PCC of St Andrew Kettering” in an envelope marked “St Andrew’s Kettering Money Advice Centre” into the Collection plate at any services at St Andrew’s Church.

In both of these cases, if you are a UK taxpayer and you fill out a Gift Aid Declaration (print out the simple form of words on this link and fill it in) then we will be able to claim back basic rate Income Tax on your gift, increasing the value to our work by 25%.

Another way you can support our work is by coming along to events at Kettering Arts Centre . Any profit we make on Arts Centre events goes into funding our work here in Kettering, and beyond, including our Money Advice work. From time to time we will have specific fund-raising events for St Andrew’s Kettering Money Advice Centre, where every penny of profit will go towards our running costs. So you’ll be able to have a great evening out at our atmospheric, historic venue in the heart of our community, with top-class entertainment, and help us to make a difference, too!

But it’s not just about financial support… We also need your help to advertise the services we offer at St Andrew’s Kettering Money Advice Centre. So if you run a business or service (or can ask at services you use) you can help us by putting up a poster or displaying our leaflets. And if you have family or friends who are starting to get into difficulties with money, then you can encourage them to get in touch. It really is the case that the sooner they make contact the better, as interest and other charges mean that debts increase and the longer they are left, the longer that person will take to pay off their debts and become debt-free.

Thank you for your interest in supporting us. Together we will make a real difference in people’s lives as we support them to become free from debt.

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